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Stockmar Modelling Beeswax - Natural Colour


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  • Experiencing art through all the senses - this is what children achieve with Stockmar Modelling Beeswax. With its pleasant beeswax scent and perfectly clean handling, it is an ideal material for modelling. Scent, colour and consistency work together when moulding. The warmth of the hands melts the wax and makes it malleable and when the wax hardens, the luminosity and fine brilliance remain. The little works of art maintain their beauty and charm and can be reshaped again and again. The high pedagogical and artistic quality makes Stockmar Modelling Beeswax unique and unmatched.
  • This natural colour modeling wax contains no added pigment, and retains the warm golden color of natural beeswax.
  • Details:
    • Each piece is individually wrapped
    • Each piece measures 100 mm x 40 mm x 6 mm
    • Available as single pieces, or as a box of 15 sheets.

Vendor: Stockmar

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