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  • New washable incontinence pads! Featuring a stay-dry lining against skin, wet-proof protection against undergarments and wet-proof wings. Three absorption levels available to feel confident and comfortable everyday!
    • Light
    • Medium
    • Premium
  • All products of the LÖTUS line are made in Canada with Canadian fabrics. Our exclusive blend of bamboo/organic cotton is one of the many reason why women choose Lötus.
    • Perfectly designed shape to offer maximum protection and optimal coverage. Technical design with careful attention to detail. Cut to match a woman’s natural curves for maximum comfort. Designed by women, for women.
    • Canadian company with ten years of experience in reusable hygiene products. A product line with nine years of expertise. Resources and product support available. High-quality customer service that is accessible and bilingual.
    • Superior absorbency. Easy care (washer/dryer safe). Waterproof wings to prevent leaks. Thin, comfortable, effective and breathable fabrics.
    • Modern and feminine design. Practical accessories to simplify use. Variety of products to meet every woman’s needs: Menstrual cup backup, discharge, IUDs, pregnancy, bladder leakage, incontinence, athletes, post-partum, teenagers, light to heavy flow and more.
    • Quality manufacturing by qualified workers.
  • Care :
    • Place your pads in a wet-proof bag until wash day. Can be washed at the end of your cycle.
    • Start with a cold or warm (not hot) rinse and spin or equivalent on your machine before washing.
    • Machine wash in warm or hot water, using a detergent with no softeners. Wash with towels or regular laundry to make a load. Most loads wash best when 2/3 full to allow for proper agitation of contents. 
    • Tumble dry at medium or dry under to sun to get rid of stains.
  • Additional Information :
    • We recommend changing your pads at least every morning and night, plus at least once during the day or more often if needed.
    • Lötus pads feature a leak-proof layer, which prevents leaks. Worry-free!
    • When leaving the house, bring a small wet bag and the pads you’ll need during the day.
    • You can either use pantyliners or mini-maxi for bladder leakage and bigger pads for incontinence.
    • Your Lötus pads will last many years, between 5-10, depending on how they are washed and how often they are used during one cycle.

    Vendor: Omaiki

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