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Omaïki : H2Ö Swim Diapers - One size (8-35 lb)


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  • As part of its line of products that adapt to your baby’s development, Omaïki has created a Swim Diaper that grows with your child.
    • One size (8-35 lb)
    • Four size adjustments with snaps that attach toward the back and are comfortable for Mom and Baby while you’re in the water!
    • Wide elastic waistband for optimal fit, regardless of how busy or active your child can be.
    • Three height adjustments in the Omaïki Swim Diaper, so it can be used until your child is diaper-free!
    • Thigh gussets for double protection.
    • Light absorption to avoid surprises when the baby is out of the water and in your arms!
    • Matches perfectly with On The GÖ wet bags and several  H2Ö swim tops.
  • Made in Canada with Canadian fabrics
    • Outer: 100% PUL
    • Absorption : 70% bamboo viscose-30% organic cotton
    • Lining : 100% polyester
  • Care
    • Wash in warm or hot water with mild soap.
    • Extra rinse recommended.
    • Tumble dry or hang dry.
    • Ideally, rinse the diaper in cold water after exposure to chlorine.

Vendor: Omaiki

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