Omaïki : Diaper Cover - Mini-Ö (5-14lbs) *CLEARANCE*


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  • Adorable prints now in a MINI version! The Mini-Cover is an excellent alternate for newborns. A great diaper cover that can be used from birth until the one-size version fits properly. This is an economic solution to get the best use of the night time diapers. Made from water proof PUL, it is ideal for use with Omaïki Mini-Sleep (fitted) diapers!
  • Features:
    • Overlapping waist snaps and adjustable rise snaps offer the perfect for your newborn or preemie! 
    • Large gussets to make sure the cover will protect and prevent any leaks during long-night sleeps!
    • There are elastics in the back and in the front, so it covers the top of night-time diapers and is perfect for babies sleeping all night on their belly!
  • Recommended* weights:
    • 5-14 lbs./2.2-6.5 kg
    • *Please remember that these weights are given by way of indication and may vary according to the physique of the child wearing the diaper.
  • Composition
    • 100% laminated PUL polyester knit 
  • Available* in:
    • Snaps

Vendor: Omaiki

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