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Oko Creations Reusable Pads - Mini Panty Liner (2 Pack)

Oko Creations

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  • Very discrete and comfortable, you won’t even feel it!
  • This Öko Creations cloth pad is our lightest pad model. It does not contain an integrated waterproof,breathable layer. It provides lightweight protection for light leaks during or in between your period or as a backup with tampons or menstrual cups. Made of 2 layers of absorbent hemp, it is so thin and discreet that you’ll barely know it’s there. Like disposable pads, Öko Creations pads have wings that hold the pad in place, with a snap attaching under the underwear. Öko Creations mini panty liners are sold in a 2-pack format. They have coloured fabrics on the wings for a touch of beauty.  19 × 7 cm
    • Format: 2-pack
    • Colour: natural front and back, coloured wings
    • Composition: 54% organic cotton, 46% hemp
    • Label: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton
    • Packaging : 100% post-consumer paper
    • Made in Canada

    Vendor: Oko Creations

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