Oko Creations Hemp Cloth Diaper Boosters

Oko Creations

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  • To increase the absorption of an existing diaper or to be used as a newborn diaper insert.
    • Öko Creations boosters increase the absorbency of existing cloth diapers by adding absorbency where it is most needed, namely the middle. They are made of 3 layers of pre-washed hemp fleece. Your diapers have lost absorbency or have thinned over time? Adding these liners can significantly extend their life and efficiency. Your diapers aren’t absorbent enough at night or during outings? Adding these boosters will help the problem.
    • Size: 31 x 12 cm
  • Note: This is also the perfect size and absorbency for a newborn baby when paired with a newborn diaper cover. Ideal if you want to use cloth diapers from birth!
    • Preshrunk, will not lose shape
    • Colour: Natural with coloured trim
    • Composition: 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton
    • Unpackaged
  • Made in Canada

Vendor: Oko Creations

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