Natursutten Starfish Teether


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  • Made from the exact same natural material as the Natursutten pacifier.
    • 100% natural rubber, no harmful chemicals added.
    • When babys first teeth erupt, the gums often tenderly over the erupting tooth tip. It can hurt and be uncomfortable for the child. To reduce discomfort and soothe the baby, it may help to ‘bite’ in something. The Natursuttens Teether Toy can reduce the discomfort and massages the gums, helping teeth eruption.
    • Natursutten Teether Toy is made from pure natural rubber and complies extraordinarily to the same strict requirements that our Natursutten pacifiers. Because the material is exactly the same as we use to manufacture Natursutten pacifiers. You can rest assured that theteether toy you give to your child, is made of a natural material, and guaranteed free of harmful chemicals.
    • Meets all relevant requirements of the European standard for toys. CE-marked
  • Many parents are looking for alternatives to teether toys in plastic or other potentially harmful materials. That’s why EcoBaby products are made from pure natural rubber from the tree Hevea brasilienses.
    • Free of bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalate, PVC, lead, nitrosamine and other harmful chemicals.
    • We now offer a safe alternative to conventional baby teether toys. Our new Starfish teether is made from 100% pure and natural rubber and available worldwide.
  • Packaging:
    • NATURSUTTEN® has a very modern and extremely environmentally friendly packaging in a super nice and implemented Danish design.
    • Natursutten packaging is made in Denmark
    • All paper/cardboard used is FSC certified
    • The little window in the packaging is made from corn
    • Printed with non-toxic inks
    • Environment friendly and biodegradable
    • Made from FSC certified cardboard, printed with the exclusive use of environmentally friendly and non-toxic ink colors and with the possibility of looking into the product through a window made from corn starch! A small sticker made from rocks closes each box.
    • Another important issue in the process, has been avoiding extra plastic, cardboard and redundant double wrapping. A lot of baby products are heavily packed in a bag in a box with and additional paper insert. All relevant info needed is printed on the inside of a NATURSUTTEN box. This saves a lot of impact on our natures resources.

    Vendor: Natursutten

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