Matter : Butterfly Weed Herbals - Healing Bath Crystals (with comfrey leaf & lavender)

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  • Handmade by herbalists
    • This specific formula combines herbs that are anti-inflammatory, vulnerably, astringent and antiseptic to provide comfort and relief after childbirth. For general use, these bath salts nourish the skin and are soothing to tired muscles and sore feet.
  • Directions
    • Steep half of the contents into 2 litres of boiled water for 15 minutes.
    • Strain the herbs and sit in the liquid for 15 minutes, twice daily. If you have stitches, limit the site bath to once daily. 
  • Harvest
    • Sea Salt (contains trace elements & minerals0, Epsom Salt (soothing), Baking Soda (cleansing), Calendula Flowers (anti-inflammatory), Comfrey Leaves (vulnerary), Horsetail (styptic), Lavender Flowers (anti-septic), Marshmallow Leaves (emollient), Yarrow Flowers (astringent)
  • Size
    • 500g (18 oz)
  • Made in Canada

Vendor: Matter Company

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