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Matraea Labour Support - Refreshing Labour Spritzer


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  • When the going gets tough...
    • It’s not called labour for nothing! Women work hard to birth their babies–often harder than they have ever worked in their lives. Our spritzers are one of our secret midwife tools which we use during labour when the going gets tough.
  • Our Refreshing Labour Spritzer is designed to re-energize hot, tired mamas. Misted into the air, the cool, fresh scent of our blend of all natural essential oils calls mama back into herself, restoring a sense of strength and power.
    • Heightens your emotional and mental state: crafted to both refresh and strengthen you during active labour.
  • Ingredients: Distilled water, Rose Hydrosol, Witch hazel Distillate, Calendula Tincture, Vegetable Glycerine, Cocoglucosides, Essential oils of Peppermint, Eucalyptus & Lavender.

Vendor: Matraea

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