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Lyra Color Giants Coloured Pencils, Set of 12 Skin Tones (Unlacquered-Hexagon Barrel)


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  • Lyra Colour Giants are a classic among the big coloured pencils and have already inspired many children. The unlacquered, natural wood barrel features a comfortable hexagonal grip
  • We agree with the statement made by the manufacturer of this product, LYRA, who adds the following note: "We believe that all humans are equal, despite the different colours of their skin. In order to portray this in colour, LYRA has created an assortment of Colour Giant® pencils incorporating the 12 most common skin colours of the people of our world. That way everyone can be portrayed equally, without discrimination, in the colour of their skin. A drawing set for tolerance and understanding. " The renowned, high quality LYRA Color Giant for drawing and writing. The leads have a diameter of 6.25 mm, are especially break-resistant and economical to use. The highly pigmented lead gives the colours their extreme intensity. The soft leads flow easily across the paper and are smudge and waterproof.
    • 401 skintone1
    • 402 skintone2
    • 403 skintone3
    • 404 skintone4
    • 405 skintone5
    • 406 skintone6
    • 407 skintone7
    • 408 skintone8
    • 409 skintone9
    • 410 skintone10
    • 411 skintone11
    • 432 skintone12
  • Details:
    • cardboard box
    • Made in Germany
    • ACMI AP certified safe and non-toxic, conforms to ASTM D-4236.
    • PEFC Certified (Products are from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources)

Vendor: Lyra

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