Grimm's Learning - Large Stepped Counting Blocks

Grimm's Spiel und Holz Design

  • Children will have hours of delight playing with this stunning set of colourful wooden Stepped Counting Blocks! As they stack and sort the wooden blocks of varying heights, younger children learn early math concepts such same and different, smaller and bigger. With the same set of 100 blocks, older children can be playfully introduced to mathematical concepts from addition, subtraction, and multiplication to counting by multiples, proportion, sequencing, and decimals fractions. Each size block is twice the size of the size below.
  • Part of our 4 x 4 cm building block family. They compliment each other perfectly and can be combined in many different ways. These make ideal room decor as they invite everyone to play! With this building blocks magical palasts and castles arise, beautiful cities, towers and landscapes... one can create everything with these bright coloured blocks!
    • This set includes 100 rainbow-hued blocks of varying sizes in a natural wooden frame.
    • Frame has a length of 44.5cm, single blocks are 4cm thick.
    • Handcrafted from solid wood and coloured with non-toxic water based stains in rainbow-hued blocks.
    • Age 3+
    • Made in Europe.

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