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Glup Bebe Patou Mitou and Trimini Trio *CLEARANCE*

Glup Bebe

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  • Details:
  • Isn't it cool when things match? Trio includes:
    • Mitou (mitts) Our Mitou mitts are perfect for spring and fall and are also ideal in winter, worn underneath waterproof mittens, to prevent the child's wrists from coming into direct contact with snow. The child can wear them 2 ways: Left long and unfolded, covering the forearm, or folded at the wrists like traditional mittens. Small has no thumbs. Medium has thumbs. 
    • Patou (slippers) Our Patou slippers are a hybrid version of slippers and leg warmers and can be worn 2 ways: Left unfolded, that pull up over the knees or folded at the ankles to form little slippers. The slippers feature non-slip soles and a soft layer of fleece inside the slippers - Perfect for new walkers!
    • Trimini (3-in-1) The Trimini 3-in-1 is a neck warmer, a hat and a balaclava! To make the hat, simply pull on the drawstring inside the neck warmer and fold the edge! Once the child has outgrown the hat and balaclava, the Trimini can still be worn for a couple more years as a neck warmer (simply cut the drawstring out to reduce the bulk).

Vendor: Glup Bebe

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