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  • Seeds of Hope are easily sown, organic calendula seeds to plant, grow and nurture. The sensitive blessing on the back of the packet begins:
“I am planting these seeds in remembrance of you.
As I tuck them into the soil, I am planting my hope for the future
While I bury my dreams of holding you in my arms...”
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby has some wonderful resources both for grieving moms and friends or family who may not be sure what to say:
  • What Do I Say? - great resource for help writing your gift card, which can be lovingly tucked in with your gift, letting the grieving mama know you care and want to listen when she's ready.
  • Baby Loss Grief Support - an essential link for the unique needs of bereaved parents; resources on grief, infertility, stillborn, special needs, and much more.
  • Remembering Baby - a baby loss memorial where grieving parents can find an outlet and support.

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