Bunny Baby Co. ORGANIC Grow With Me Pants

Bunny Baby Co.

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  • Handmade locally, with 100% certified organic cotton knit from Birch Fabrics!
    • Birch Fabrics are treated with love not pesticides.
    • Pre-washed by Bunny Baby Co. before sewing. 
  • Cloth diaper friendly!
    • Roomie bum design!
  • Great for babywearing!
    • Unfold ankle cuffs to keep legs covered and warm!
  • Will grow with baby! To adjust fit, fold or unfold waist and/or ankles.
    • Squish (~0 to 6 months)
    • Tot (~6 months to 3 years)
  • How do I wash my organic cotton Grow With Me pants?
    • Wash on a gentle cycle in cold water with like colours. Use fragrance free, non-chlorinated detergent that is preferably environmentally friendly.
    • Dry on a low heat cycle, but the most environmentally friendly way to dry your fabrics is the good ole’ fashion way… hang dry.  Not only is it better for our planet, but it will also increase the longevity of your fabric and clothing.

Vendor: Bunny Baby Co.

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