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  • BabyLegs® became a leader in children's fashion when it created a new niche for its original line of children's leg and arm warmers in 2005. Invented by a mom to keep her daughter's legs warm while she was diaper-free, BabyLegs® leg warmers quickly became a parenting essential because of their utility, practicality, and stylish appeal. We've since added socks and tights, and more is on the way! BabyLegs® The Original. Like You.
  • BabyLegs’ mission is simple: to protect babies and children, and to make child care easier for parents. Over the years, countless parents have reached out to us, saying that BabyLegs® legwarmers have special uses in pediatric hospitals, when tubes, monitors, casts, or bandages make it difficult dress baby in anything more than a simple hospital gown.  It’s easy to slip BabyLegs® on little arms and legs without interfering with sensitive surgical areas, and BabyLegs® are also useful for holding dressings in place and preventing babies and children from touching and irritating wounds.  To learn more, please click the "BabyLegs Protect What You Love" icon on the right.  

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