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AMP Microfiber Insert - Large (perfect fit for XL Duo’s) *CLEARANCE*


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  • Microfiber inserts are trim and absorbent, but these inserts should be used inside the pocket or with a stay dry liner on top. I love these because they are so squishy and they don’t get stiff like natural fibres can when they are line dried.
    • Made of three very thick and thirsty layers of Microfiber.
  • Great for stuffing in pocket diapers or layed inside an AI2 (or pocket diaper) with a stay dry layer on top.
    • Small are a perfect fit for Small Sized Duo's.
    • Mediums are a perfect fit for One-Size Duo’s and Large Sized Duo’s.
    • Large are a perfect fit for XL Duo’s.
  • Tip! If baby has graduated from smalls to mediums you can use the smalls as a night-time booster if baby is a heavy wetter at night.

    Vendor: AMP

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