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Human + Mother FAQ

What age should my baby be to use a wrap & what is the 'fourth trimester'?

The wraps are suitable for babes newborn up to 25 pounds. Even the smallest of bundles will be happy in our wrap as you get a custom fit that grows with your babe overtime. It is most effective when used as early as possible; in the 'fourth trimester'. The fourth trimester is the first three months following birth when the transition from womb to world occurs. Babe will instinctively want to be as close as possible so wearing babe fresh from the womb will help ease this transition. 

Is the wrap safe to use?

Yes! It is a very simple and straightforward design that requires minimal practice and  no fidgeting with buckles and bulky straps. This particular style of wrap offers wonderful head support for the newbies; simply turn babe's head and tuck in either side of the shoulder strap. Please always ensure babe's airway is clear, their spine is straight up and down, the wrap is tight against your body and secured with a knot. Additional safety guidelines and tips are provided with your wrap.

What are your wraps made of?

Our wraps are made of 100% Lenzing Modal® and is custom knit in Scarborough, ON. Lenzing Modal® is a fibre extracted from Beechwood trees and produced in Austria. Lenzing uses a patented process that reduces energy and produces almost no waste at all! The beechwood used to create the fibre comes from sustainable forest plantations in Northern and Central Europe. It is cool to the touch, stronger than cotton and extremely lightweight, making it the utmost in comfort for both you and your little.

How do I care for my wrap?

Our wraps are currently hand-dyed so it is recommended that you wash separate for the first two washes to ensure any remnant dye is washed away. Machine wash in cold water with like colours. Tumble dry on low and warm iron if needed. Lenzing Modal® actually gets softer with every wash!

What does 'one size fits most' mean?

Our wraps are long enough to fit the majority of wearers. The only differing factor is how many times you'll be able to tie the wrap around your waist prior to securing which will not compromise the function or integrity of the wrap. 

Can I wear babe on my back?

Nope! This is not an appropriate wrap for back-wearing. It can put pressure on babe's spine and added pressure on your back, as well as increases the risk for in-secure wearing which could lead to injury. Front only!

Can I wear babe forward-facing?

It is recommended that you do not wear babe forward facing and here's why...