Cloth Diapering Laundry

KEEP IT SIMPLE If your detergent cleans your clothing it will clean your diapers. If your detergent doesn't clean your clothing, it won't clean your diapers. Follow the directions on your detergent for your load size. Avoid fabric softeners. PREP BEFORE FIRST USE "Wash your diapers when you receive them according to manufacturer instructions. Wash prefolds and inserts at least 3 times (no need to dry each time) to make them absorbent, but don’t wash them with your old diapers as the oils from the new could transfer to the old and make them repel liquid." ~Real Diaper Association WASHING Follow these 5 easy steps from the Real Diaper Association.
EXTRA TIPS Wool dryer balls are a natural alternative to fabric softeners and speeds drying time. All natural stain removers; no chlorine or bleaching agents added. Colour safe, natural ingredients to fight tough everyday stains. Because stains can happen anywhere! Tip: Line dry your cloth diapers. The sun helps remove stains, saves energy and saves money. 

FAQ Check the following pages from our trusted resource for cloth diaper help:

WOOL...IT'S REALLY NOT THAT SCARY We love cloth diapering with wool. What’s not to love about nature’s most breathable yet waterproof material? Despite all of the “delicate care” hype, wool is surprisingly easy to care for and use. See our guide here! To care for your wool you will need a delicate wool wash and lanolin.