About Sarah's Silks

Our playsilks are 5 mm, which is light and airy. Our dressups, toys and baby blankets are 8 mm which is heaview weight. Our silk is Habotai an ancient product from China. Silk caterpillars eat mulberry leaves so farms have to grow lots of trees to produce silk. They also are fed by hand on family farms. No pesticides or chemicals can be used as the caterpillars and moths are sensitive. Our playsilks are hand-hemmed by women in their homes in one village near Suzjou. We pay an above average per piece rate. We visit the silk farms and the seamstresses who make our things yearly and feel good about supporting the silk industry as a we feel it is a eco-friendly positive product from China. Hand wash with mild dish soap or shampoo, hang dry and medium iron if you want to restore the shine. Kids enjoy the feel of wet silk, it's a nice chore for them to wash and hang the playsilk to dry. Learn about Sarah's path to silk. Browse Sarah's Silks


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Film footage by Don Prouty - The Proutys.
Footage filmed in Bodega Bay, California.
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