• Parents have always carried their children. In their arms, on their shoulders, wrapped onto their body with a simple piece of cloth, in front packs or back packs, in slings slung over one shoulder or two. Parents around the world know the secrets of baby slings. They calm children. They provide babies with a safe environment for encountering the world. They help with baby’s emotional, physical, and social development. They allow you to get work done. They make both of you happy. 
  • Crafted of fine, all-natural fibers, Sakura Bloom slings infuse lush textiles with a minimalist, modern design. The process begins in our seaside design studio in Leucadia, CA, and then moves to our workshop in coastal Massachusetts where we handcraft each sling with care and ship them off to their new forever homes spanning the globe.
  • The Sakura Bloom family extends to our active and vibrant community members—moms (and dads!) sharing images and stories on Instagram, retailers banding together to share the latest tips on usage, Facebook groups chatting about the latest colors or where to get that hard-to-find discontinued sling they saw on a friend’s page. From all walks of life, we are brought together by a common purpose, and we learn and grow in our online and real-life interactions with one another.
  • Supporting local economies and keeping maker artistry alive have been at the core of founder Lynne Banach's vision since Sakura Bloom's inception in 2006, from the hand dyed silks of Brooklyn textile artist Shabd Simon Alexander to the live-edge custom wood desks handcrafted for us by Leucadia local and friend Neiko Pagaduan of Timber Library. And partnering with like-minded, independent boutiques allows us to provide our customers with the lost art of hands-on personalized service, all while keeping the mom-and-pop brick and mortar shops dotting our downtowns alive.
  • As you can see, at Sakura Bloom, small things (and small people) matter. At home, in town, while traveling, a Sakura Bloom sling combines function with fashion, enabling you to parent in your own way while allowing your child to be an active part of the world around him.
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