• Silk: a textile treasured around the world for its beauty, durability and drape, is our signature for a reason. We love the natural variation and unique weaves of dupioni silk. Inherently soft, luminous, and elegant, our silk provides so much more than pure luxury. Natural workhorses, Sakura Bloom silk slings are grippy and strong, supportive and breathable, absorbent and lightweight. The fibers have a bit of give so they mold perfectly to the body, moving with you and your baby. Far more practical than meets the eye, silk is also nearly waterproof, naturally resists fire, and it is not easily soiled. We love the fact that silk just gets better with love and use, and looks equally chic with jeans or a cocktail dress.
    • MINI SHOP: Children's play sling crafted from a single layer of handwoven dupioni silk.
  • Silk Care: Unthread your sling. Wash it in your machine alone on gentle cycle, in cold water (this method will give a more matte or raw look to a silk sling). After washing, hang the sling to dry. Do not machine dry. Steam iron on the hottest setting to remove wrinkles. To preserve the original sheen of a silk sling, we recommend a combination of spot cleaning and environmentally-friendly dry cleaning.