• Linen: a timeless classic, beloved for millennia for its beauty, strength and versatility. Five times stronger than cotton and naturally antibacterial, linen is woven from spun flax -- one of the most sustainable natural fibers in the world. Thermo-regulating with a built-in wicking property, our linen slings breathe wonderfully, keeping you warm and cozy in the winter and cool and dry in the summer. The simple gorgeousness of linen is suited to every occasion, from family beach adventures to special events and everything in between.
    • CLASSIC: Our timeless classic, crafted from a single layer of Belgian linen.
    • GRADIENT: Our grippiest, most rugged range of single-layer linens ever. The character-filled ridges, bumps, and creases of this wonderful textile simply add to the effect of its organic, earth-inspired beauty. We love the textural hand of this fabric, and the fact that it just gets better and better with wear.
    • SIMPLE: A blank canvas for an effortless style palette. Support and simplicity beyond measure, crafted from two layers of the finest Belgian linen and paired with matte gold rings.
    • CHAMBRAY: Each Chambray sling is crafted from two layers of the finest Belgian linen and features our signature simple, minimal design. Each distinctive colorway is created by cross-weaving two complimentary colors of thread, a look that is at once classic, eye-catching, and wonderfully versatile. 
  • Linen Care: Unthread your sling. Wash it in your machine alone on gentle cycle, in cold water. After washing, hang the sling to dry or pop it right in the dryer on the low setting. Steam iron on the hottest setting to remove wrinkles.