• Peppa is a collection of handmade toys and nursery accessories all made with natural materials. The toy heads and/or bodies are uniquely filled with lambswool which absorb scents quickly. The toy therefore quickly becomes really familiar and reminds them of home, of mummy and daddy, and all things which make baby feel safe and secure, so much so that the Peppa toy becomes completely indispensable and inseparable.
  • Peppa bonding dolls spark the imagination. You can easily recognise the dolls and cuddly toys by their plain faces. They give your child room for imagination: they can fill in the details themselves. Moreover, peppa bonding dolls have an open facial expression. Because of this the cuddly toy will sympathise with your child when he is happy, angry or sad. This will be very comforting for your child.
  • Peppa – more than just a toy. When Babylonia founded Peppa, we decided it had to be more than just a toy brand. All products by Peppa meet the following requirements:
    • handmade: skilful doll makers make sure every Peppa-security blankie is a unique item. Every cuddly toy is personally designed and finished with great care.
    • fair trade only: Peppa’s products are made in fair working conditions. Read all about our fruitful collaboration with Indian fair trade workshops.
    • high quality materials: Babylonia makes high quality demands for every Peppa-product. We are constantly looking for new materials, and fully support our workshop studios from our office in Belgium.