Peachy Baby

"After 5 babies and almost 10 years of making easy to use cloth diapers we have decided to create a new easy to use diaper to help Eco-conscious parents to treat our Mother earth a little kinder. The peachy baby™ line is made almost entirely in Canada and is loaded with options that allow any family to be successful and enjoy using Peachy Baby™ diapers. Yes, I just said enjoy and diapers in the same sentence.
Many parents are afraid to give re-usable diapers a chance. There is an estimated 8 million diapers being thrown out daily on our planet and unfortunately we don’t have any good place to put them, not to mention the production of these products is extremely toxic to the environment. We offer diapers that are easy to use, fit great and look ridiculously cute on your baby. Peachy Baby™ also offers the best warranty and customer service in the industry."

Meet Peach Baby's sister company AMP diapers!

More big news...AMP has been chosen to be the distributor for Snappi Baby!