Ostheimer Wooden Toys

  • Ostheimer wooden toys have been lovingly handcrafted by a small family business in Germany for more than 50 years.
  • Handcarved wooden figures, painted with natural non-toxic colors, creative design, high educational value and fantastic quality are typical characteristics of Ostheimer animals, people and objects.
  • The quality of Ostheimer pieces are unsurpassed. Each piece is designed to be handed down from generation to generation.
  • Ostheimer wooden figures are produced exclusively from high quality European hardwood - maple and elm. Slight differences in color and slight deviations in the structure of the grain are not defects, but instead contribute to the special charm and uniqueness of Ostheimer figures. 
  • The design and the color is based on the awareness that the children must still be able to feel and experience the wood. The figures are hand traced onto planed wood using templates. They are then sawn out and carefully sanded to achieve the typical soft edged form of Ostheimer figures. 
  • Colour is then applied by hand with up to six consecutive coats. The transparent colors are non-toxic, water-soluble stains which do not hide the natural character of the wood.
  • All Ostheimer toys are strictly up to the high European and international safety standards.
  • These are, quite simply, the finest wooden figures available. Frequently imitated, but never equalled.