• The innovative Omaïki product line is designed, developed and produced in Canada.  Their mission is to fill mom's and dad's expectations with great ecological and practical products!
    • Omaïki products are environmentally friendly in terms of the manufacturing process and in the way they are used; they are economical, sustainable and comfortable because they are made from a soft material that has both aesthetic and contemporary appeal. It won’t be long before both family and friends fall in love with Omaïki products!
  • Founded in 2007 : Change the world one diaper at a time! 
    • Omaïki was created after the meeting of 2 mothers. When their children, Loïk and Mika, were born in 2007, both young mothers were already avid supporters of washable diapers, because they wanted to protect the environment in which their new children would grow up.
    • Many people have asked where the word Omaïki comes from. Well you need search no further: it is not a foreign word or an expression. It is simply an abbreviation composed of the initials of their childrens’ names.