Milestone Cards

  • Milestone™ Cards products are currently sold in over 27 countries. Parents around the world are enjoying the easy and fun way to capture and remember those special moments that life is all about. In 2012 it all started with the introduction of the original Milestone™ Baby Cards which immediately became the international #1 baby gift. Today we also bring you Milestone™ Pregnancy Cards to capture all the special moments of a pregnancy and new born and Milestone™ Mini Cards for recording all the quirky, unexpected things kids say and do every day.
  • All our products contain unique illustrated cards in a beautiful gift box to capture and remember all the moments that make you smile!
  • All Milestone™ products are produced locally in Belgium and shipped from The Netherlands. The cards, box and displays are printed on FSC certified paper using a special printing ink based for 70% on vegetable oils. We aim to avoid using plastics in our packaging as much as possible.