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Oko Creations Reusable Pads - Panty Liner (2 Pack)

Oko Creations

  • Guaranteed comfort with this thin and waterproof liner!
  • This Öko Creations reusable pad is our smallest pad with an integrated waterproof, breathable layer. It is completely waterproof and offers great protection for your period’s light flow days or against light bladder leakages. Made of 2 layers of absorbent hemp, it is thin, comfortable and efficient. Like disposable pads, the Öko Creations pads have wings to hold the pad in place, secured by a snap at the crotch. Panty liners are sold in a 2-pack format. The colourful patterns on the pad backings add a touch of beauty.  
    • 21 × 7 cm
    • Format: 2-pack
    • Colour: natural, backing of variable colour
    • Composition: 58% cotton, 40% hemp, 2% polyurethane (waterproof breathable membrane)
    • Label: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton
    • Packaging: 100% FSC certified paper
    • Made in Canada

    Vendor: Oko Creations

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