• Matter Company is a distinctly Canadian company that provides a line of premium natural skin care products that balance the needs of our urban lives with our North American connection to the outdoors.
  • Founder of Matter Company, and certified Therapeutic Herbalist, Denise Williams brings her intuitive and sensual understanding of indigenous plants and exotic scents to the premium line of natural skin care products that make up Matter Company.
  • After studying Environmental Studies in University, Denise apprenticed in the traditional practices of Therapeutic Herbalism. Born of this exploration was the first series of products which Denise had not, at that time, been able to find in the personal care market. Unsatisfied with products that consistently used petroleum and other chemical bases, Denise set out to create the unique line of skin items found in Matter Company.
  • It began with a handful of beauty products crafted as gifts for friends and family. The next thing she knew, she was growing Chamomile, Calendula and St. Johns Wort out of the basement of her rented house in Toronto. “I don’t think my landlord knew what was going on,” she recalls.
  • Each collection has been inspired by her personal lifestyle needs. Mom & baby was created with her best friend in mind, who was pregnant at the time with her second child. “Where were quality natural products that truly indulged new mothers, and mothers-to-be alike?” she asked.
  • Founded in 1996 Matter Company has remained at the forefront of natural skin care products. Denise continues to develop products discovered from the benefits of a lifestyle nurtured by a holistic relationship to plants, and fostered by ethical environmental practices. The result is a series of products that produce a vital and effective, yet pampering experience – a treat for those who find pleasure in “the little things”.

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