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  • Exquisite birth kits for both home & hospital. Midwife approved.
  • "It’s Time to Get Ready! Nesting: when our focus turns inwards, and we begin gathering what we need to prepare for the arrival of our long awaited baby. It is a special time, a ritual that all women share as they honour the process of birth. The time to prepare for your birth is before the baby comes, because if your water breaks first it’s too late to run out to the store to pick up the supplies you will need. And, no matter what, birth is a wet affair. Better to be safe than sorry–and have to get a new mattress! As midwives, we know exactly what you need for birth and we have created home and hospital birth kits so that no matter where you are planning on giving birth, everything you will need is in one convenient package. Not only will this save mama time, but it also gives her peace of mind as she “nests” away." ~Matraea

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