• Matraea Trading creates quality, natural products crafted to support and enhance women’s health and wellbeing.
  • At Matraea Trading we embrace excellence, striving to empower every woman to have a beautiful, safe, and healthy birth experience. Our slate of premium quality, natural products are crafted to support and enhance women’s health and wellbeing throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond. We are dedicated to the core values of choice, education, and accessibility. We deliver on these values by providing beautiful, sustainable, quality, natural products for mothers and babies.
  • Committed to providing safe and healthy choices during pregnancy and birth, our aim is to support women to know that their pregnancy and birthing experience matters and that making healthy choices for themselves and for the world is within their reach. Our wish for every woman and her family is for a safe and beautiful pregnancy, birth and child-rearing experience!
  • BC made organic and natural body care products for Mamas and Babes; Midwife created pregnancy, birth, homebirth and postpartum kits;
    Specially blended loose leaf organic herbal teas to assist mothers at all stages of pregnancy and postpartum.
  • "Being a mother takes us to the edge of ourselves and back. It is a journey of hope and sorrow, of love, tears, perserverance and patience. It is by far one of the greatest challenges we face in our lives. At Matraea, our mission is to support and empower every mother, new or experienced, to give birth with dignity and grace, in a way that is right for her. Midwives Kate Koyote and Selina Boily, founders of Matraea, have spent over two decades serving women; delivering their babies and supporting their families. The natural, organic line of remedies they have developed addresses common problems like low iron, morning sickness, water retention, diaper rash and low milk supply–underlining their commitment to choice, safety, and education. Kate and Selina use Matraea products with their own children, and on the hundreds of Mamas and babies they have delivered. They are confident that you will love them too, as your children grow and thrive, inside and outside the belly!" ~Matraea