• Les produits de Maya is a small company based in Montreal, Quebec. Co-owned by Marie and Yannick, a lovely couple from France with two young children. Their products are hand made in Canada with certified organic ingredients. Their products are certified vegan by
    • Oleo-Calcareous Liniments: A natural and creamy mixture based on an ancestral recipe from Southern France. A no-rinse cleansing and hydrating milk with an olive-oil base that could be used for the whole family. Known in France and in Belgium for several decades, the oleo-calcareousliniment is compatible with cloth diapers. It is used at every diaper change to clean baby. No preparation and no rinsing. Baby's skin is clean, nourished and protected. Oleo-calcareous liniment is a natural and convenient alternative to disposable wipes. Cloth wipes + liniment and it's done!
  • Why do we make 4 different liniments?
    • We recommend our basic liniment for newborn/infant and for allergic people (allergic to coconut oil and/or shea butter). We recommend our Coconut&Shea liniment for all the possible uses for the whole family. These two formulas are our customers' favourites.
    • Furthermore, people who don't love the smell of Coconut oil or Shea butter can choose one of our others liniments. Coconut oil is an anti-fungal and a body moisturizer and skin softener. Shea butter is often used to remedy dry skin and to help protect the skin’s natural oils. Nourishing and regenerating.
  • Parent Tested, Parent Approved Award 2017

    • Our liniment won the PTPA Award 2017. We are so excited! :)