• Hevea offers toxin free natural rubber pacifier, teether and toys, perfect for eco babies. 1st company to offer an up-cycling system for used pacifiers.
  • ABOUT: HEVEA is a Danish company, producing 100% natural rubber baby products that are environmental friendly and toxin free such as pacifiers, teethers, bath toys and toys. At Hevea, we truly want to be sustainable and strive to do our best to be a responsible company right through all of our business practices. We face many challenges, some of which are very difficult, but we continue to look for innovative ways to overcome those challenges to re-duce, re-use & re-cycle.
  • FACT: "HEVEA" actually means natural rubber tree and originates from the Latin name for a rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliensis, which grows both in the wild and in plantations. HEVEA = NATURAL RUBBER TREE
  • MISSION: To offer the consumer natural and environmental sustainable produced products with appealing, innovative and practical packaging and design.