Happy Baby

  • Welcome to Happy Baby!
    • Our luxurious, lightweight baby wraps and baby carriers are custom knitted from ultra-soft linens and organic bamboo and safely dyed in an array of beautiful colors - you'll want one for every outfit and season! Now you can keep your baby close and comfortable in style. Happy babywearing!
    • We designed the Happy carrier to be as beautiful as it is functional. From the purse holder on each shoulder to the oversized hidden pocket, it has all of the functions you’d expect from a soft structure carrier but with a minimal design. Our carriers are 30-50% lighter than other carriers, thanks in large part to our luxurious linen fabrics as well as component selection. We have been told our carriers are also more comfortable than others due to the wider shoulder straps and special high impact foam. Happy babywearing!
    • 100% Made in the USA!
  • Corporate Responsibility
    • Happy Wrap, LLC is a socially responsible company. We believe that all involved in the production of our baby wraps deserve a fair wage and a safe working environment. We verify this through an independent 3rd party. For more information on fair labor practices, please visit
    • Our baby wraps are produced using non-toxic renewable materials for the overall health and happiness of our consumers and the environment.
    • We believe in giving back. 10% of our profits are donated to charities that help mothers and babies around the world.
  • Giving Back!
    • Happy Wrap donates a portion of profits to charities that provide assistance to women and children around the world. Through your support we can help make a difference in the lives of others.
    • Happy babies. Happy world.