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Grimm's Learning - Large Goethe Colour Circle

Grimm's Spiel und Holz Design

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  • This beautiful and versatile block puzzle is Grimm's largest Goethe Circle. The spiral design represents the Colour Wheel, and is based on Goethe's Theory of Colors. 24 wooden blocks hand coloured with non-toxic water based dyes in 8 vibrant rainbow colors rest in a circular wooden frame. The pieces can be used to create designs and patterns either in or out of the frame, and also as building blocks. The easy-to-manipulate shapes are almost an inch thick (2 cm), making this an excellent choice for younger children. Encourages the feeling for colours and forms in play, three-dimensional thinking and inspires the imagination.
    • Diameter 30cm
    • Chunky blocks each 2cm deep
    • 8 colours
    • non toxic paint
    • 3 years and up

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