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  • our story
    • began in ninth grade english class (though we didn’t know at the time). we reunited, when we became moms. linsey had an idea, lili knew how to take it to market and goumikids (previously guavakids) was born.
    • we've had the fantastic journey of a lifetime so far! 
    • and we've realized along the way that our mission just got bigger!
  • our mission
    • we are passionate about improving the lives of those around us - locally & globally. it starts with our products, making beautiful baby essentials that work and then, its giving to efforts that make life better for our fellow moms, babies & planet.
    • we call it, goumigiving.
    • we've been actively contributing a portion of our proceeds since we began in 2010 to efforts that protect our children and invest in improving the lives of girls globally. why girls specifically? read more about the girl effect here.
    • check out what we've been up to and if you have more ideas on how else we can contribute, we'd love to hear from you!

  • Check out a new goumikids video here!

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