• Eucalan is an eco-friendly no-rinse delicate wash for lingerie, swim suites, baby items, woolens and handmade items. Eucalan is fantastic for bathing dogs and other animals. Fleas do not like Eucalan!
  • Made in Canada.
  • The brand name ‘Eucalan’ is synonymous with its ground-breaking no-rinse, delicate wash for fine washables product line which is sold all over the world and loved by consumers for its gentle environmentally-friendly qualities and energy saving benefits.
  • Eucalan No Rinse Delicate Wash - available in original Eucalyptus, Lavender, Grapefruit, Natural unscented & our newest scent Wrapture (Jasmine). Eucalan has a touch of lanolin which is a natural conditioner and dust mite deterrent, as well as beneficial essential oils. Available in a range of sizes, Eucalan is phosphate free, bleach free and highly concentrated.