Cuddly Wrap

  • The CuddlyWrap™ is a wrap-style baby carrier that is designed to move with you and your baby, to be secure, yet not restrictive and you can continue to use.
  • We are delighted to announce that AMP Diapers has accepted the transfer of the CuddlyWrap™ name and logo and will manufacture/distribute the CuddlyWrap™, effective immediately. We are thrilled and grateful to see our dream of fostering close, nurturing family ties and meeting the needs of babies to be held in close contact with their parents, continue.
  • Over the years, AMP Diapers has been our preferred manufacturer because of their attention to detail and commitment to top quality production. We are excited that the CuddlyWrap continues to be manufactured locally in Winnipeg, MB and therefore remains very proudly Canadian made!
  • Thank you for believing in our products and continuing to support local and Canadian made!
  • Review from Maman Loup's Den!
  • Meet Cuddly Wraps adoptive family AMP diapers & Peachy Baby diapers!
  • More big news...AMP has been chosen to be the distributor for Snappi Baby!