Colibri Go Bags

  • Colibri Go Bags. Over time your bag will soften and wear much like a favourite pair of jeans. Wash in cold water, hang to dry.
    • Pouch: Organize your Go Everywhere Tote or Grab & Go Clutch with this waterproof pouch. Great for travel toiletries, reusable menstrual products, accessories and more!
    • Clutch: This waterproof clutch is all you need for a quick outing! Use as a purse or cosmetic bag; great for toiletries, sunscreen/bug spray and more!
    • Tote: Stylish and sophisticated, this waterproof tote is perfect for beach days, swimsuits & towels, hot yoga, travelling and more!
  • Made in Canada.
    • All Colibri products are proudly manufactured in St. Adolphe, Manitoba where we employ the best local people. Our facility is located on the second floor of a heritage building that is owned by the local non-profit seniors association. Colibri employees enjoy many benefits such as flexible hours, weekly staff lunch, random gifts, and excellent coffee.