Buncha Farmers

  • At BunchaFarmers, we live by our Philosophy and it shows in our products. Our philosophy is to make great products that do what they are supposed to do using only the finest of materials at an affordable price. We want to get rid of TOXINS in our everyday life as down the road they will probably cause health issues. So when we create our cleaning products we make sure they are safe and work great on whatever household task you do.
  • Made in Canada. We are happy to say that at least one of our products is available in every Province and Territory in Canada and about 12 to 15 States and growing! The committment to the highest standards of quality, satisfaction, and fair pricing is something we will always strive for. We put a lot of thought and care into developing our products so that YOU, our customer, can benefit and truly appreciate our efforts. We are very proud to announce we recieved TOP TEN GREEN HOUSEHOLD ITEMS from CANADIAN LIVING MAGAZINE for our All Natural Stain Remover and TOP 200 ETHICAL COMPANIES from Ethical Ocean.Com!
  • Famous for removing stains in cloth diapers and baby clothing, BunchaFarmers stain stick has many other applications and uses: Gets out stain from clothes, carpets, furniture fabrics and leather. Cleans your car seats either by melting a few scraps in hot water and brushing them out. Good for getting rid of pet odors in your carpet or anywhere else. Great for cleaning your shoes and especially getting rid of the salt from Winter use. Grate a little bit off like a quarter of an inch and throw it in with your regular laundry and it will brighten and energize your load. Melt a little bit in hot water ( usually when you do this just use about ¼ to ½ inch of the bar and melt in a pail with a quarter full of hot water) and use it to scrub your granite or whatever counter top you might have. The hot water solution is also good for cleaning tiles, bath tubs, toilet bowls, sinks. Even your tile or linoleum floors. Will clean and get rid of mold inside your refrigerator. If you are a fisherman and want to get rid of the fish smell from your hands then wash with it. Take a half bar or so and put in a cloth bag or on its own and leave it in your car as an air freshener.