• BabyLegs® is the original brand of baby legwarmers that have been an essential item since 2005. Protect what you love.™
  • BabyLegs ® is the original brand of leg warmers for babies, toddlers and kids; they provide protection and warmth and are a fashionable alternative to tights. BabyLegs ® are available in newborn size (organic cotton, latex-free and hospital approved), as well as the standard one size fits most. Make diaper changes easier and packing a diaper bag simpler. BabyLegs ® is one of the most versatile, essential products for little ones!
  • Awards: 2013 Earnie Award: Best Hosiery, 2013 NAPPA Award: ByeByeBugs Gold Winner, 2013 NAPPA Award: BabyCool Silver Winner, 2012 Earnie Award: Best Hosiery, 2011 Earnie Award: Best Hosiery, 2011 Cribsie Award, Seattle Magazine Best of 2010, Pregnancy & Newborn Best Shower Gift 2009
  • Legwarmers & Love: BabyLegs’ mission is simple: to protect babies and children, and to make child care easier for parents. To that end, we believe that helping all babies and children, particularly those suffering from health issues, is an important responsibility. Over the years, countless parents have reached out to us, saying that BabyLegs® legwarmers have special uses in pediatric hospitals, when tubes, monitors, casts, or bandages make it difficult dress baby in anything more than a simple hospital gown.
    • We realized that the country’s busiest children’s hospitals could use more BabyLegs® to make their tiniest patients more comfortable during their stay. It’s easy to slip BabyLegs® on little arms and legs without interfering with sensitive surgical areas, and BabyLegs® are also useful for holding dressings in place and preventing babies and children from touching and irritating wounds. It became clear that donating as much new product as possible to places like Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, St. Louis Children’s Hospital, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and many others are now able to use BabyLegs® to keep little ones warm, cozy, and more comfortable. Please visit the testimonials page of Our site to read letters from doctors, nurses, and parents, describing the practical uses of BabyLegs® . We gladly invite anyone that wishes to arrange a donation of BabyLegs® products to a children’s healthcare institution; please contact for information about how YOU can help. Thank you from our hearts!
  • BabyLegs'® motto is: Protect What You Love.™ And every day, we help parents, grandparents, doctors, nurses, and caregivers do just that with a full range of products that protect from the cold, rough surfaces, insect bites, harmful UV rays and more.