Oko Creations Re-stocking & New Inventory!!!

February 06, 2015

    • Öko is a German word that means «eco». With our unique design, the Öko Creations collection brings a breath of fresh air to the green maternity and body care product market! Our textiles are pure and soft, allowing us to create a vast line of natural and beautiful products. Best of all, our creations are safe for babies and grown-up sensitive skin and the planet! Long-lasting products that are good for you and good for the planet… what more can you ask for? The Öko Creations collection is designed and handcrafted at our workshop in Laval, Québec, Canada.
  • WHO
    • Since August 2009, Öko Creations has been designing, manufacturing and distributing environmentally-friendly textile products for the whole family. Marie-Noël and Melanie Beetz, sisters with strong ecological and humanitarian values, are at the heart of this family business. Their unique experiences in textile design, health sciences and travel, combined with a childhood steeped in the smells of fabrics and the whir of sewing machines, led them to this path of entrepreneurship in the field of textile manufacturing. Today, Öko Creations distributes its products to more than 50 retailers in Québec and Canada.
    • Quality: The quality of our products, from concept to shelf, is very important to us. Everything is made with care! Respect for the Environment: This value is at the heart of the Öko Creations collection! We invite you to visit our “Eco-Actions” page. Family: In our family business, we work together and we believe in finding a balance between work and family. Our employees benefit from a flexible work schedule and we work to accomodate their needs. Integrity: We strive to maintain sincere and honest relationships with all of our partners. Service: We want you to receive the absolute best customer service. We answer phone calls and emails quicly: your satisfaction is our goal.
    • Our workshop is spacious, pleasant and bright, allowing us to create high-quality products for you and your family! All of our products are carefully handcrafted and thoroughly inspected before they leave the workshop.
    • Being a responsable consumer is one of the great challenge of our time. At Öko Creations, we take your environmental concerns to heart. When you buy one of our products, you know that we have taken steps to reduce the ecological impact of every stage of its production. We are firm believers in a healthier planet, healthier humans and a healthier community, and our eco-actions help bring these beliefs to life! Here are a few of our eco-actions: We choose our own textiles: organic cotton, hemp, organic merino wool and recycled polyester. The organic textiles are, for the most part, certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). Our products are all made in Canada. The labels on our products are made of organic cotton or in the process of becoming so. The dyes used in the textiles have a low ecological impact. We make reusable and/or durable products. Our packaging, business cards and advertising material are printed on post-consumer paper (recycled) or are in the process of becoming so. Our internal memos are printed on sheets of post-consumer paper and/or FSC (Forest Sterwardship Council) certified paper. We used recycled boxes to ship our products. We use biodegradable plastic bags for shipping and internally. We recuperate textile scraps by offering them to artisans. We recycle what we can internally. We support organizations like “La Maison Bleue” and “Nourri-Source” by donating products, or through other actions. Our seamstresses are paid fair wages and benefit from excellent working conditions.