How cute is this combo gracing our bathroom wall?!!

January 28, 2015

  • How cute is this combo gracing our bathroom wall?!  
  • I love how this Nuggles Hanging Wet Bag is SO versatile! Two handles that unsnap, you can hang it anywhere! Link the two together for one sturdy handle! Can also be used to line a small pail. The nifty mesh-lined pouch allows you to put essential oils or a scented disc, or even carbon filter (just remember to remove before washing.) Not too big & not too small. This 18" x 24" wet bag holds approximately 15-20 diapers. Also makes a great bag for dirty laundry, towels and swim suits, funky sports equipment .... the list goes on!
  • Who says you can't wipe your hands on clothes? This ADORABLE Bamboobino Toddler Hand Towel is uniquely designed to resemble a Dress or a T-Shirt! Hangs attractively on a hanger or snaps onto any towel rack.  Did I mention it is made from OH-SO-SOFT and absorbent bamboo cotton?!